Saturday, October 29, 2011

Homemade Pizzas

It’s Saturday night and we are supposed to have guests for dinner, but they’re at home feeling very sick. Shout out to SkyBeeJazz, wishing you and the kiddies well soon xx

To make the most of an evening at home I thought I’d get a little bit fancy, but still keep it pretty simple and relaxed, with some homemade pizzas. Pebble joined in, making her own tomato, cheese and ham pizza. She was so excited to “make it! make it!”. While trying to eat it she kept talking about how she made it herself, she was so proud. Unfortunately the pita bread was a little chewy for her. I managed to cook it perfectly for toddler mouths, just warm enough to melt the cheese, not crunchy or hard, but it was still a bit too hard to manage. I was thinking of trying an English muffin next, or just plain bread. I would feel more confident about those ideas if Pebble actually ate regular toast, but she doesn’t. Weetbix all the way for this kid. Needless to say we will be doing more cooking together when we can in the future, it definitely helps to have Daddy around to help out too.



Our adult pizzas looked a little different to the kiddy version. I tried a recipe for prawn, zucchini, feta and pesto pizzas and O.M.G! They were SO good. Light, fresh, tasty, just beautiful. I will definitely make them again…. just not often. The whole last minute chopping/assembling/oven hovering is just not my day to day cooking style. Not to mention the overall cost of it all. These days I look for recipes that are quick, easy, budget friendly, freezer friendly and child friendly. This recipe was none of those things, but it was perfect for a Saturday night stay at home treat. It was gorgeous with an asparagus, tomato and balsamic salad. To die for.*


What did you have for dinner on tonight?


*shhhh, don’t tell, but these were totally Weight Watchers recipes!** I am tres impressed.

** this is not a sponsored post.

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