Monday, October 17, 2011

Point + Shoot – Weekend Wrap Up


I’m a bit late, but I’m here, pointing and shooting! It has been a fun weekend for us. Saturday saw Pebble and I pottering about doing a bit this and a bit of that while Paul helped his brother with some of the last few jobs before he moves interstate. I kept our day low key because it was DATE NIGHT for Paul and I on Saturday night, and I wanted to make sure that Pebble was nice and relaxed, and not too tired (but tired enough, you know?). We had a little excursion to the shops to buy her cousin a birthday present, and that’s about it.

Saturday afternoon we dropped Pebble off at Grandma’s and returned home to chillax with some tunes, some conversation (without interruptions!!!) and a little drink. We were supposed to use our much anticipated Gold Class voucher but ALL the shite movies sold out. I couldn’t believe it! Literally every session was sold out. We were kind of ok with that because there really wasn’t anything on that we desperately wanted to see. There looks to be some good stuff coming up in the next few weeks, so we’ll pop out for a mid-week session then. Mid-week date night! Woo hoo!

We decided to hit up our local pub, which we used to frequent quite a bit more often in the old days. It was SO GOOD to just sit together, chat, laugh, drink, people watch, chat some more. Oh, how I laughed! We really don’t have many relaxed conversations these days. We’re both busy with the (adorable) kid and then any chit chat after her bed time is all business stuff, catching up the mundane communication of this thing we call life. We so very rarely just hang out together, just the two of us. I loved it.

Not to mention the ability to blast music at all hours, stomp around the house and collapse into sleep knowing that I won’t be woken up by a little voice calling “mummy”. I love being mummy, but a break like this is so very appreciated. Thank you Grandma!

Sunday we went to our nephew’s 1st birthday party, a very cute outdoor affair with a jungle theme. We had an easy afternoon of catching up with family and chasing the (many, many!) littlies around the playground. We got home late on Sunday arvo and somehow, before we knew it, the day was done. Goodbye weekend, see you again soon (but not soon enough).

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  1. Yes it is always nice to have some time off parental duties and have a good time with your partner. You come out re-freshed don't you. It helps me.

  2. I love those pics.
    How great is 'date night'?
    Even moreso since the little people invasion!

  3. Ooh, I envy your date night, I really do! I love that cake, very cool!

  4. date nights, birthday party how photos lisa xx


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