Tuesday, May 12, 2009

All systems go

Well, according to a blood test from 4pm on Monday, 11 July 2009 I still have a little embryo growing inside me. I have zero symptoms of pregnancy…. well perhaps some very mild breast tenderness and swelling, but I’m really looking for it, so I’m not sure if it’s really there or not! It seems worse at night, I woke up to notice it at about 2am last night, but maybe I was sleep-dreaming symptoms. I have a great big bulging belly right now, and have had an uncomfortably tight belly all arvo, but I can’t really explain that. It’s windy/crampy. Hmmm. From food blog, to gross body blog! Yeah, I’m sure this is what you all signed up for.
On to the recap!

Mothers Day was an awesome day, even though I became increasingly stressed about whether or not I was indeed knocked up as the day went on. We gave Paul’s mum the good news when she came over for breakfast. Think of a really, really, happy reaction, and then double it. She’s pretty stoked! We told Paul’s brother also, which got a typical happy but kind of meh reaction, and Paul’s sister got a phone call, she was very excited, and got all clucky.
Lunch was the big one. I was very sneaky and wrote in mum’s card “congratulations, you’re going to have another grandchild, love from Kylie, Paul and Baby (six weeks in the making)”. It was a long three seconds while she read the card, then we got the big eyes and jaw drop. It was definitely worth waiting to share the news in person (not sure if mum thinks so, but too bad, preggo lady’s prerogative!).
Check out the little model.
P1060843 P1060849 P1060850 P1060858 P1060863

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