Saturday, May 9, 2009

I’m pregnant

Saturday, May 9, 2009 - I’m pregnant Well, there you go! Yes, my life has been crazy in the last week because on Wednesday I found out that I am pregnant. I am now 6 weeks along, which is very early days. I am trying not to get to excited, but also wanting to allow myself the excitement of this special time. It’s very confusing! I am trying not to worry too much, because I feel totally normal. I don’t have morning sickness, I’m not dizzy, I’m not any more tired than usual. I had sore boobs for a few weeks, but that seems to have gone away now. I started to freak out a bit, but I’ve been reading a lot online, and it seems I’m not alone in this, and that I should be grateful that I’m not feeling all those yucky things more! I do have a sensitive middle, I don’t like anything pressing on my tummy, not even my underwear or trackies. That’s it though!
I will never forget doing that pregnancy test and the feeling of seeing that little word appear. Pregnant. Just like that. It was still dark outside, about 5.30am and I got up to go to the toilet. I knew that my period was over a week late, and that I have been pretty regular. I just couldn't wait any longer to do the test, and knew that the morning wee was the best time. So I did it, fully expecting it to be negative. I was a little excited and had a tiny bit of hope, but we had only been trying since November. It was the first time I'd been late since we'd starting trying. But that little word appeared, and I started shaking. My heart was hammering like crazy in my chest. I ran into the bedroom and jumped on top of Paul, but I couldn't speak. I was breathing like I'd run a marathon and grinning like a fool. Paul was half asleep but I whispered "I think I'm pregnant". Paul started to wake up, and said "your heart is going like crazy". I was more ready to believe this, but I think that Paul was more cautious - we both knew that sometimes pregnancy tests are wrong. Looking back now I can't remember anything else of that morning. Just that initial shock at seeing a positive test.
I booked a doctors appointment and had a urine test. I kept telling myself over and over in my head not to expect anything and not to get my hopes up. The doctor gave me the news - the test was negative. I'm not pregnant. I felt numb, but accepting. Of course, it was so soon after starting to try and get pregnant, these things happen, we'll keep trying. After all, we thought it might take us two years to get pregnant. The doctor offered a blood test, to double check my hormone levels which would be a more definite confirmation of what was going on. I had my blood taken, but in my mind I was not pregnant. That night at home, I got the phone call from the doctor. She said "well, I'd better throw out all my pregnancy tests, because your blood test came back positive!". Wow, talk about roller coaster emotions! This was more real, a blood test is so much more real than an over the counter urine test. I was really pregnant. We were really going to be parents!
Anyway, fast forward to last night - we went to Dad’s for dinner, which was very exciting because we got to tell, Dad, Annette, Jade, Skye, and Ryan about our news. Of course I also got cuddles with Amber and Ethan :) I can’t wait for tomorrow (Mother’s Day) when we give our mum’s the good news too. I really wanted to tell them in person, so we will see them tomorrow. I felt awful after dinner though! My belly was very tight and I just wanted to lay flat. I undid my buttons on my jeans and flaked it on the lounge. I was trying not to worry too much about bub, I know I’m overreacting right now to every little signal from my body. I think I just ate too much heavy food and really needed to go to the toilet!
This morning I had to call Lisa and tell her the news….. I couldn’t help it! Keith was hilarious, he was so excited :) We drove into town to pick up my engagement ring (yay!) which now fits beautifully (probably not for long!). Then we met with our dj/mc and discussed music and plans for the wedding (this is so in the back seat now with our latest news!). Then we couldn’t resist dropping in on Mel and Jason, who live around the corner from the DJ, and telling them the news. They were thrilled to hear it, and Mel gave me a big bag of maternity gear. None of it fits yet, but it will be awesome to have on hand when the time comes.
Mother's Day tomorrow - yay!

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