Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bump Wear

I've been listening to Pregtastic a lot recently. It's an awesome pregnancy podcast which is fabulous. There are birth stories, breast feeding tips (I just typed bread feeding - where's my mind at I wonder?), what to expect in the first hours, days, weeks after birth.... everything you could possibly want to know. They rave about this dress, which stretches out as you grow, then can be worn again after the birth. It would be great for the Christmas season, when I'm gonna be huuuuuuuuge. I'll pencil it in for the shopping season - which I'll start thinking about after the wedding. No maternity/bub shopping just yet. Don't want to count my embryos....
A little alarm this morning, another show of blood. If I'm honest I felt less sick yesterday than I have recently. Boobs are still tender though. Will give it a day, if symptoms change dramatically I'll think about going to the docs for a check up. Obstetrician appt is Monday anyway. Sigh.
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