Monday, June 22, 2009

Kicking, waving, tumbling

We had our first appointment with the obstetrician this morning. We are seeing Dr Jane Wood at Flinders Private Hospital. I was given the once over by the midwife, weighed, measured, and blood pressured, then the doc came in and asked a few questions, answering some of mine.

Doc reassured me that the bleeding is normal, and not to worry about it. She then swiftly shoved a ultrasound wand on my belly and showed us a kicking, tumbling, waving little being that looks VERY active! We tried to take a photo with my mobile, with some blurry success.

I guess you're just gonna have to trust me on the activity of the little one.

Some questions and answers from today:
Q. Can I get my hair dyed?
A. No. It is not recommended as we don't know the damage that it may cause, and it is absorbed directly through the skin. I can have foils or any dye that does not touch the skin.
-segway- she said, it's like spray tans.... ! The same deal, it is absorbed through the skin. I said that I had one booked for my wedding, and she said that it is ok, she'll allow me one, but not regular spray tanning.

Q. Can I fly to Tasmania for my honeymoon.
A. Yes, no worries.

Q. Can I fly to Tasmania for my friend's wedding in November (when I'm approx. 32 weeks).
A. Yes, no problem as long as you're having a healthy pregnancy. We'll assess closer to the date.

Q. What is your opinion on hiring a private midwife or doula?
A. We should try to limit the number of people in the delivery room as much as possible, and also try to limit the amount of conflicting advice that we may get. She said that we are provided with a midwife, and that should be fine, but we can discuss it closer to the date if I'm interested in persuing it.

Q. Can I take cold and flu tablets?
A. I can take panadol, but should avoid other medications. I can take the older style cold and flu tablets, that make you drowsy, if I need to, but not the newer ones.

Q. Can I call if I have any questions or concerns?
A. I can call the office during business hours, and the ward out of business hours. It is best to call and have any issues addressed, rather than worry about it.

All in all it was a good appointment. We are booked in for Monday week (6/7) for a nuchal screen, which assesses the babies risk of being born with Downs Syndrome. Doc said that there are a lot of false positives with this test, and lots of people are then referred for the amniocenticis. There is a one in 200 chance of miscarriage following the amnio teset. We still need to decide if we are going ahead with the nuchal scan or not. The doc said that if we are not prepared to have an amnio, there is little point in having the nuchal, as it may just cause extra stress.

The next appointment is in 6 weeks time, in the first week of August, where we will have another scan to see how the baby is developing.

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