Sunday, July 26, 2009

First baby bump pic and unexpected hospital visit

Oh, I feel fat! I am about to post the MOST unglamorous photo I have ever seen of myself on the internet. I’m all for baby bellies. They’re cute. But I feel like mine is growing a little fast! Hmmmm, perhaps all that Tasmanian Cadbury shopping and subsequent eating has something to do with it.
I weighed myself this morning and the damage is really not bad at all. I am now 72.8kg, which is a three kilo gain for the first trimester. According to the literature I should have gained about 1.8kg, so I’m only a little bit ahead of myself. Not at all surprising given the honeymoon food we ate! I also have not been exercising at all *tsk tsk* and aim to rectify that this week. I’m really not at all concerned about weight gain at the moment, but feel like I should keep an eye on it for the health of the baby.
Ok, here’s the pic *cringe*
baby belly 26 july 09
Yeah, I’m pretty sure the 5min chocolate mug cake has a say in the tum. Oh well.
In other news, we had a shitty scare today. I’m still a little scared, but trying to be brave. I started to leak! I had clear, watery, non-scented stuff coming out of my lady-business. After two underwear changes I thought it best to call the midwife, just to put my mind at ease. After a quick chat she asks me to come to the hospital for a check up. Righty-o then.
We’re very lucky that we can do this on a Sunday arvo at the drop of a hat with the private obstetrician. So, off we trundled, tra-la-lee, oh so calm (SARCASM). We were at the hospital in fifteen minutes, again grateful that we’re so close by.
A midwife sees us straight away, she takes me into a private room, and is very relaxed, friendly and puts me at ease. I explain the situation again, she asks some questions, I pee in a cup, she swaps and SNIFFS!!! my knickers (I was not wearing them at the time), and goes to discuss with the obs.
The swap came back negative for amniotic fluid. Phew. It could be normal changes to my “vaginal flora” (WTF?!). If it continues, call back, but everything should be fine. Apparently there would be not enough amniotic fluid at this early stage of the pregnancy to create the amount of fluid I had in my (un-sexiest saving-my-best-undies-for-during-the-week) knickers.
I still can’t believe she sniffed them. Gross.

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