Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bump Watch

Hot stuff, huh?
Now here’s what’s inside:
Ultrasound 2009-08-05a Ultrasound 2009-08-05b Ultrasound 2009-08-05c Ultrasound 2009-08-05d Ultrasound 2009-08-05e
These are all stills from a video Mr RG filmed, but the video is 131Mb and I’m not clever enough to work with that.
The obstetrician appointment went well. Some Q&A I had:
Q. I have been exposed to slap face at school. I have been tested and was negative, but positive for antibodies (I’ve had it before in my life). Is this all ok?
A. Yes, it’s good, it means I’m “immune”
Q. If a family in my class is diagnosed with swine flu, should I stay home from school?
A. No. Swine flu is no worse than the regular flu, and almost impossible to avoid getting. Women who are pregnant are more at risk due to a lower immune system, however, those who have been most adversely affected are pregnant women who are also suffering from other conditions, ie. obesity, diabetes, smokers, etc.
Q. Should I get a flu vaccine?
A. Yes. It can help lessen the impact of all flu if I get it.
Q. Am I all good after the weird water leaking out of me thing?
A. Yes, all very normal, nothing to worry about.
Q. My hips are hurting, especially when laying on them at night, but I have been avoiding sleeping on my back as “the books” tell me to. Should I avoid sleeping on my back?
A. No, that is not a concern at this early stage, but can be later when you are heavily pregnant. Sore hips (and back) is a common problem in pregnancy. Seek physio if you need to, and keep up regular movement.
Lastly, some extra shots from a CD of my 12 week ultrasound, that we weren’t given hard copies of at the time.
2009-07-06 right arm 2009-07-06 both legs

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