Monday, August 31, 2009

Halfway there

26 August 2009I’m officially 20 weeks pregnant and half way through this journey, and here are some things that I’m noticing:
  • I’m feeling Pebble move every day. It’s just little flutters and bubbles, but she is definitely in there.
  • I’m convinced she’s a she, but no nothing for sure. Everyone else is convinced she’s a he, and I’m never good at guessing these things, so if I was putting money down, I’d go for the boy!
  • I’m stupider than ever. Really, really stupid.
Ahem – Dad, I’m going to talk about my boobs now, so you may want to look away…..
  • I think I’m getting milk ducts or something happening on my nipples (hehe, I typed nibbles first, hahahaha). I have little white dots on the top of the actual nipple (not just the outer areola). I’ll ask about that at my appointment on Thursday.
OK, boob talk is over, please read on.
  • Mr RG is being very sweet and talking to my bump.
  • I have NO inclination to nest. Zero. I wish I did though!
  • I can still sleep half on my tummy.
  • I’m not as tired anymore, and can even stay up past 9.30pm. Sometimes.

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