Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mayolicious Chicken Patties

I took some chicken mince and bacon out of the freezer last night with no solid plan of what to create, but with a need to think about dinner in advance. Tuesday is my busiest day and night, as I have no breaks (yard duty back to back) and often have long meetings. Therefore I get home too knackered to care much about dinner.
This meal reflects Tuesday-itis quite well.
I started by having a quick look on Taste to see what they said about chicken patties and burgers. Then, based on my bizarrely-lacking-for-a-girl-who-grocery-shopped-two-days-ago supplies, I decided to work on something similar to these recipes.
I started by prepping the bacon.
Then got so consumed with the task that I forgot to take any photos until I had safely wrapped six patties, and had three ready to cook (one each for Mr and Mrs RG, and one for my lunch tomorrow).
My recipe included all of these totally unmeasured and roughly thrown in ingredients:
500g mince
~1/3 cup whole egg mayo
~ 2 Tbspns krummies
lemon rind and juice of 1 lemon
~2 Tbspns finely grated parmesan cheese
3 (!) crumbled weetbix, because the mix was so wet and I’d run out of krummies
Cooking, cooking, cooking. No fat added to the pan. The only fat there is from the bacon and burgers. Scary!
Meanwhile I fixed some trimmings. The tomatoes were the only fresh produce (besides apples and lemons) that we had on offer.
Layered up patties, stacked with cheese and bacon for optimum melting.
Stacking the burger (the only bread we had was Helga’s traditional wholemeal, from the freezer – worked perfectly though!).
Would I cook these patties again? Definitely.
Would I make these burgers again. Yup.
Other ideas: I’d like to have these patties with some yummy side salads, eg. cous cous and mixed greens, or chick pea salad.

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