Friday, August 7, 2009

Oink oink … fudge!

There is a confirmed case of swine flu in my classroom. I have had conversations with my GP and my obstetrician, who say “chill out”. There’s nothing I can do, besides maintain good hygiene practices (check) and get the flu vaccine (check) to protect myself against this or any other flu. Yes, I am at risk because I am pregnant, however, I am more likely to have complications if I have other health problems (ie. diabetes, obesity, am a smoker, etc).
So I continue to try and be  healthy, to wash my hands and use that awful hand gel like crazy, and try to stay away from sick people.
Everything else is tickety-boo. I’m looking forward to Carly’s baby shower tomorrow, and breakfast with friends on Sunday morning. The rest of the weekend will be housework and schoolwork, but that’s ok.
I’ve decided not to blog every meal I eat for now, as even I am finding that boring. I will blog new recipes or interesting bits, but not every bowl of cereal. I’m sure no one will mind.
Having said that, in the interest of maintaining your interest, today’s recipe is the super easy Creamy Caramel Fudge – made in preparation for the baby shower tomorrow. I’m not cutting into it until my departure time, because I will eat too much of it if I do!

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