Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It’s Tuesday and I can’t wait…

… for Friday! It’s our school Show Day – the day that the school closes in honour of the Royal Show, giving kids the opportunity to go on that day instead of during school time. Or to torture parents who can’t afford to go – whatever. I get the day off!!!!
I’m having lunch with my lady, Celery Stick. I just christened her with this awesome blog name, because in primary school she invented the amazing Celery Stick Flip from the A-Frame monkey bar. Perhaps you had to be there….
Kylie and Kelly-pola
I used  to have lunch with my lady friends more regularly, when I worked in the big smoke, but since becoming a suburban teacher I don’t get the chance anymore. So, YAY for lady lunch!
I’m also looking forward to Friday Gossip Girl night – which means that Mr RG is going to the soccer, and I get to watch whatever I want on TV and enjoy my own space.
I’m ALSO looking forward to going to the Show on Saturday!!!! We’re going with my MIL and perhaps Miss R, our 11 year old (I hope I got that right!) niece.

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