Monday, September 14, 2009

Letter to Pebble – 22 weeks on the inside

Dear Pebble
You’re really not a pebble anymore! Right now you’re about 20cm long, and you’re very active. You have your quiet days, though. I think the Royal Show tired you out, and you were sleepy all day afterwards. Last night you woke up and decided to kick me right in the middle in my tummy, right where Dad’s arm was laying across me (and you). Your kicks don’t feel like bubbles any more, they are definitely getting stronger as you grow. Dad is still trying to feel you from the outside, but you’re going to have to kick a little harder before he can feel you too. 
Your mumma’s body is changing more and more. I love having you growing inside me, and right now pregnancy feels really nice. I’m not too big, not too uncomfortable, and I  have my energy back.
Dad and I are not ready at all yet for your arrival. If you arrived early you’d be grounded for life, and have to live in the gym. So please hang tight and stay inside, where it’s warm and cosy. 
Love from Mum xxx


  1. What a lovely post :)

  2. What an absolutely gorgeous post! And I love the nick name pebble too :)


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