Monday, September 28, 2009


Finally, the nesting bug has bitten me! Mr RG, his brother and I spent Sunday working hard to get the baby room ready. I’m SO annoyed at myself – I accidentally deleted the ‘before’ pic which really showed how much work we had to do.  So far we have emptied the spare room (previously the gym and junk room). This room was overflowing with STUFF as the before pic would have clearly illustrated.  Now the room is just waiting for baby gear – and a baby!
UPDATE: I found the BEFORE photo!
No, we don’t know if we’re having a boy or girl. The room was blue when we bought the house. We want to paint it a neutral cream colour. I’m really not the interior decorating type, so expect to see a very functional space without much fuss when it’s finished!
We also plan to get rid of the nasty old brown shed outside, but that won’t really improve the view much. The poor lil tacker will have a lovely view of the washing line :)
These cupboards were once jam packed with our (mostly my) stuff. Now they’re completely empty, and ready to be re-painted. We are also getting rid of the old carpet off cut – which we used to protect the floor boards from the big gym that was in here.
Now for the next job…..
We have a guy coming to give us a quote to spruce up these lovely floor boards that were hiding under our mangy old carpet. I’m so glad to have the carpet gone, it was just awful. Thankfully these photos don’t show all the old stains. Yuck!
We’re leaving carpet in the lounge, and with all our FWK (that’s Friend’s With Kids) advice, we’re not getting new carpet just yet. They all say not to bother when we’re about to have a baby. We’re thinking of either tinting the lounge room carpet a darker colour or buying a cheap rug, hopefully one of these options will make it look a bit fresher than it does right now.      
Not satisfied with this effort, Mr RG and I waved goodbye to our helper and embarked on a clean out of the main bedroom, in order to fit in some of the stuff that we’ve decided to keep.
Unfortunately my study is now overflowing with uni gear that I need to sort through and cull. I can’t bear to part with it all without looking through it. I studied Early Childhood Education, and I can’t help but think that a lot of it will come in handy in the very near future! Then again, am I really going to flick through uni text books and articles to find the answer to a sleepless night?
Here’s the study – I have my work cut out for me!
Here lies the goodwill pile – I’m sorry to whoever gave me that very nice candle holder. It’s lovely, but I’m being very ruthless with this cull!
Once the main bedroom was tidy and neatly packed (we have lots of storage in the high space of the built in wardrobes), we went outside to finish the day with some gardening. Or weeding. I detest weeding, but it needed to be done. Our driveway is white gravel, and little green aliens were invading everywhere. Persistent little green aliens. We spent about two hours outside in the freezing weather, the sunlight from the day fading over the tree tops. It wasn’t so bad really.
At about 6.30pm I announced I was going inside, as I was at breaking point. Mr RG has the stamina of an ox, and would have kept going, but decided to come in with me too. I think he could see a little madness in my eyes…… We had lovely hot showers, and treated ourselves to some takeaway and a vegetative state on the couch. We tried to watch TV but both fell asleep!

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  1. What lovely floor boards - why anyone would cover that with carpet I will never understand.


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