Friday, September 25, 2009

Thursday night culture

Last night my dad gave me a late call to come along to an art show where my uncle (dad’s youngest brother) was showing some of his art. Mr RG and I jumped at the chance to get out and support my uncle, and also to catch up with the olds :)
This is one of the pieces that my uncle showed. It’s created using paper, ochre and glue. This is one of my favourites, though this pic doesn’t do it justice.
Wicked Step-Mother checking out some work.
My uncle and another of his works. He’s been getting quite the cred in the local art scene. If you’d like to know more please leave a comment and I’ll hook you up.
P1080740-1 P1080741-1
Arty farty – the photo on the left is by Emma Hack.
Then we took my baby belly out to dinner at a tried and tested restaurant. I’ve  been here for work xmas dos, coffee and cake during uni (I went to the campus over yonder) and family celebrations (including my graduation celebration lunch!).
Delicious soft but crunchy, melty, buttery, garlicy bread.
I think Mr RG had the best dish on the table – Veal Scaloppine.
I was craving veg, so got this plain pasta with lots of green veg in it. It was what I needed but not so tasty.
Here’s something I DIDN’T need – white chocolate cheesecake. It was very good, but equally as good as  my sisters efforts. I shared it with Mr RG while supping on this decaf coffee (no caffeine for bubs – sugar yes, caffeine, no).
How awesome are art openings for a cheap night  out? There were people with babies there, so Mr RG and I are totally planning on some post-baby budget evenings to crash these events, mwahahahahaha. Free wine! Sometimes free nibbles! Out of the house with real humans, with a bub in tow!
I jest, peeps, I jest. Artists and art lovers: please don’t send  me hate mail. Respect.


  1. What do you mean you didn't need white chocolate cheesecake? Of course you did!

  2. Fabulous night out (and OMG what amazing food!)


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