Sunday, October 18, 2009


That’s how many unread items I have in my Google Reader.
It’s been a busy week. As usual, the return to school term has swept me off my feet. Add to that unusual womb activity, lots of family and friends catch ups, emergency clothes shopping for an ever expanding bump, and general third trimester fatigue, and there ain’t a lot of energy left for interweb fun times. On one particular day I didn’t turn on my computer at all *GASP*
I am very pleased to say that Pebble is now rolling, kicking, elbowing, and generally making itself quite known to myself, and anyone else who has the patience to wait for it.
The day after the hospital visit I had my first experience of weird, snake-like motion in my belly. I guess this was a squashed baby wriggling around and trying to get comfortable? Rather than just pops and kicks, I’m feeling a slithery-ness that it delightful and pleasantly alarming. The activity ramps up when I lay on my left side at bed time. It feels as if Pebble is trying to lay itself down on the bed beside me, and is squirming around to get comfortable. I love every minute of it smile_teeth
So, for now I bid you adieu. Early in the week I was actually reading some blogs, so a little Blog Love will follow. For now though, I’m going off to catch up on what the rest of the interweb has been up to this week.

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  1. Glad to hear that pebble is going well :)


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