Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It’s Tuesday and I can’t wait…

…. to finish de-cluttering my classroom!
I spent this morning getting the job started, and will be back at it again tomorrow…..
I’m not only organising for the term ahead, but also preparing everything for moving classrooms due to school renovations, and ‘just in case’ this pregnancy doesn’t go as planned.
It feels good to have the job started, after dreading it all holidays!
Play - It’s Tuesday and I Can’t Wait


  1. You freak! LOL. I hope you get everything finished!

  2. Hope you have a productive time. Happy moving. And yes, every now and then, bubbas can be unpredictable!

  3. It feels so good when it’s finished, so keep up the good decluttering work. I just finished cleaning out my studio an it inspired a little creative frenzy. Hooray for space to think and do!


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