Monday, October 5, 2009

Long Weekend Shenanigans

Wow, what a busy and fun long weekend I’ve had! Here is a recap….
Saturday we drove to Victor Harbour to visit friends at their beach house, and had lots of fun with kids, BBQ, backyard cricket, Wii, and just chilling out. I had never played Wii before, it was a good laugh, and great to see that everyone can join in. Even little 2 year olds are able to compete with the big kids! Outside Mr RG got attacked by the kiddies (six boys!) , and it was stacks on! 
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From there we went to a family house warming party, still near the beach. The party had been going for a while by the time we got there, and everyone was pretty …. relaxed! We stayed, we nibbled, and chatted, and then said our goodbyes before things got messy, hehe.
Sunday I had Celery Stick’s hens day – and afternoon at Langhorne Creek for Lazy Sunday on the Bremer, followed by dinner at the Stag back in Adelaide. It was a lovely, relaxing afternoon, with wine (for those who were able to drink it!), food and music.
Each Hen (or Chicken, as we were called) was given a goodie bag on arrival. It contained a feather boa, water bottle, packet of chips, two freddo frogs, some starburst lollies, a napkin and a cute wine charm with the Chicken’s name on it. It was such a lovely touch, and great for the long bus ride to and from Langhorne Creek! I’ve been thinking about doing goodie bags for my baby shower, and saw these cuuuuute little prams on Pink Frosting.  A bit pricey though…
The event at Langhorne Creek was a quiet gathering, very family friendly, and it felt like there were lots of locals, rather than lots of out of town-ers (like us!). We caught plenty of attention in our bright feather boas, and the bride in her long veil. It was a bit of a belly-fest, with five preggo bellies in attendance across the day! Must be something in the water around these parts….
We had a dance on the grass, and even had a sing on the mic when the singer came down to get us in on the action. One of the locals got VERY friendly with the bride-to-be….. she (yes, it was a woman who was dancing lewdly with our girl!) was having a lovely time of it until the future MIL rescued our little bride. 
Today, Monday, I had a sleep in, lazily got up and got ready for a lunch with my MIL and SIL – the first time we’ve ever got out to lunch with the three of us! We went to The Edge Delicatessen at Brighton, which was gorgeous. They have an eclectic lay out of mis-matched retro furniture and lovely, fresh, homemade foods. I had a salad plate, which came heaped with bean salad, potato salad and pumpkin salad. It was divine! Sorry, no piccies.
In news on the homefront, Mr RG is feeling more kicks, and even saw one this morning as my belly jumped after breakfast. We’re both loving all these little milestones. I’ve found that Pebble is most active when I’m laying back. Right now I’m reclining while I type, and with my back at this angle my belly feels like there’s a disco going on inside!
I hope you all had a lovely long weekend (or short one, if you’re not from our great land down under).

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  1. Looks like an absolutely marvellous long weekend!


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