Thursday, October 1, 2009

October?! Where has the year gone?

As I am on holidays at the moment, I am not very aware of what day it is, let alone the date. So I got a reminder this morning that it is indeed, October. WOW!
This means several things to me:
P1020428Our backyard during a summer sunset.
Summer is almost here *cry*. I LURVE winter and all it’s cosy, blowy, wild, grey, three-layers-of-clothes, comfort. On the other hand I do love long days, beautiful sunsets, BBQs with friends and family, and a nice cold beer on a hot day (I have to wait a bit longer for that one).
26.6.05 03 
Nephew #1 at about 3 months old
I have about three months until the mother load (literally) hits me – The Baby. I am feeling pretty good about this part. We’re getting there with Being Ready for Baby, and while I am loving this pregnancy gig and don’t want to wish it away, I can’t wait for Mr RG and I to meet the new person in our lives. (Disclaimer: Pebble, I can totally wait, you stay on in there until you’re properly cooked now, you hear?).
Kylie Flashback to Christmas 2006
I have less than three months until Christmas! I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas. Deep down, I really do love it. In the moment, I really do love it. But the lead up? The crazy shopping, the ‘what the frig am I going to give the Kris Kringle this year?"’, the ‘where are we having it this year’ three way family drama, combined with the pre-guilt of only ever staying in one place for a few hours on the day – this I do not love. This year I’ll add 38 weeks pregnant to the list of Christmas joy (and I do mean joy – but please tell Keith to make sure the weather isn’t too hot).
DSC_0522In my first year of teaching during a publicity photo shoot
There is one more term of school before I take a year off to be a full time mum <---OO I am just starting at that sentence and trying to reconcile it with myself…… ok…….. let’s continue. This means one more term of teaching, which I love, and a term full of reports, camp, Christmas craft and concerts, classroom placements for next year, and saying goodbye to my gorgeous, funny, clever kids.
Thanks to Chantelle for prompting this post with her own.


  1. Wow not long to go now and you will have a little baby in your arms! How exciting!!

  2. I think you have a million things to look forward to!! You're going to be so busy!!!


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