Friday, November 20, 2009

33 Weeks

32 Weeks 3
Well, it’s 32 weeks and five days, but who’s counting? And who knows what’s accurate!? An old school acquaintance recently updated their facebook status to say that she was now measuring a couple of weeks ahead and her due date had been changed – three weeks earlier than expected! Oh lordy, please don’t let my growing Pebble (boulder?) get any ideas in that direction.
32 Weeks
I am still loving being pregnant. Right now I’m enjoying all the little changes:
  • Pebble has long and strong movements and body parts poke out the side of my belly. When I (gently) poke Pebble back it pulls itself away, then comes back at me with another kick/punch/butt wriggle. Or at body part appears at the other side of the belly!
  • I felt hiccups (I think) for the first time this morning. It just happened to be when Mr RG put his hand on my belly, and we felt small rhythmic movements, about 12 – 15 of them, spaced exactly the same time apart.
  • I’m getting slooooow. I was doing some shopping this arvo (maternity bras and teaching resources – such is my life) and I found myself walking sooooo sloooooowly around the shopping centre. Old people were over taking me!
  • My hips give me some trouble at night. I use my body pillow to support my belly and leg, but toss and turn a lot. Sometimes there’s just no comfy spot!
  • I keep getting a dead hip and thigh, pretty frequently now. I told the obs. about it and she said it’s very common, but that it can cause long term nerve damage if it’s not taken care of. She referred me to a physio.
  • We still don’t have any definite name choices, just two long lists of boys and girls names we don’t hate. Eeeek!
  • I still don’t have any stretch marks! I know they’ll come, but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.
  • That tiredness from the beginning of the pregnancy has started again – that whole body and mind, completely drained, too tired to eat kind of tiredness.
  • My fingers are either getting fatter or I’m retaining fluid. My wedding rings have felt tight, especially on hot days. Some days and nights I’ve had to put them away smile_sad
I really don’t make it sound that wonderful do I? Surprisingly, it still is. I’ll enjoy this feeling while it lasts, I’m sure it won’t be long before I’m begging to get this baby out. For now I’ve very happy to have it right where it is.
32 Weeks 2


  1. Your bump looks gorgeous. I think at 32 weeks I didn't have any stretchmarks either but by the end of it my whole tummy, and the top of my legs and my boobs were covered in them. But it is still worth it :)

  2. Wow, how AWESOME do you look?!? DSo lucky not to have strtch marks, and you look so happy!! Congrats again, can't wait to be preggers myself! What sort of names are you thinking of?

  3. You make it sound like the exciting journey it is! Good luck negotiating on the names. I ended up letting the grown boy choose in the end and love it now cos it's associated with him.


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