Friday, December 18, 2009

Breast feeding class and a tight tummy

Yay for mobile blogging!
This week I took baby born to breast feeding class to find out how to be the best cow that I can be. I feel so much more confident about giving breast feeding my best shot. The lactation consultant was so good at explaining different positions and latch. It was quite weird to sit in a room with 15 other women feeling my boob and pretending to feed a doll. But so helpful!
Other than that I am feeling SO tired and drained. Its even more difficult to breathe and get around. Shopping or short outings leave me wiped.
I had some tight tummy moments last night. I think braxton hicks? And was more uncomfortable than usual, struggling to find a comfy position to sit or lay.
I just had my xmas waxing done. Wow. That was an intersting experience while heavily pregnant. And thats all u need to know!


  1. Thanks for the giggle ;) Glad you enjoyed the class!! In case I forget --> MERRY CHRISTMAS! xoxo

  2. Not long to go now!


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