Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Just a minute…. in December

Following in the footsteps of Chantelle
Listening... the sound of Christmas – Bing!
Praising... the powers that be for all the gorgeous people in my life, big and small.
Watching... Mad Men (awesome 50s/60s styling), Dollhouse S2 and very soon Gossip Girl S3. I have GG sitting there waiting for me, but I’m so excited about watching it that I don’t want to start yet because it will end too soon….
Reading... almost nothing! I have barely read a blog or a book for a month or so. I occasionally flick through Kid Wrangling by Kaz Cooke, and Baby Love by Robin Barker, and have peeked at a couple of blogs as I fly by my computer.
Cooking... fudge, Peppermint Bark, and salads to take to many social gatherings.
Writing... all the writing I do you see here. I have really missed blogging, and am looking forward to getting into it again now that the Christmas hullaballoo is calming down. I’ll have heaps of free time with a newborn, right?
Sewing... pardon?
Loving... spending quality time with the boy – we went to the movies this week (!) and have been enjoying lots of long cuddles and shared anticipatory grins.

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