Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mac and Cheese Extravaganza

It was the event of the decade week! This time last week I was sitting around a dinner table with some lovely company and enjoying experiencing Mac and Cheese Extravaganza!
I’m not sure how it started. No, I tell a lie. I know exactly how it started.

This recipe was shared from one friend to many, which sparked a Mac and Cheese emailathon, then led to someone (not naming any names) suggesting a Mac and Cheese night. A night where everyone brings a different type of M&C. How could this be anything but spectacular?
A date was set (a date in December when everyone was free? AMAZING!) and participants submitted their M&C suggestion to the convenor. The big day was upon us before we knew it, and this is how it all went down.
For starters, a few olives and some vintage loveliness.P1100057
With the award of ‘Cutest M&C’ – Cass’ Mini M&CP1100059 P1100060
Followed by the Kath’s dish, awarded 'Fanciest M&C’, based on a Jamie Oliver recipe and made with goats cheese and fresh and thoroughly deseeded tomatoes.P1100061
Breadcrumb topping, mmmmmmmm.P1100062
Salad by moi.P1100063
Maggie Beer sorbet (cabernet and something?) and Kath’s Berry and Mint Granita soothed the palate between courses.
The final round included three M&C renditions:
Cass’ Buffalo Chicken M&C – awarded
‘Most Likely to be Eaten by Bretty’
P1100066 P1100067 
Awarded ‘Most Creative’ – we’ll just call it “Kelly Cooks”.
It had a subtle sweetness, probably from the thousand island dressing, interestingly blended with the flavours of kabana, Dolmio three cheese pasta sauce, white wine and ….. other unidentified food stuffs.
My own effort – the Leek and Sharp Cheddar. Awarded…. well I can’t really give myself an award now, can I? I will say it was very easy to make, and I will make it again, but as a side dish.
Washed down with the cool, frothy and baby friendly Coopers Birell Ultra Light!
A night to remember.

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