Saturday, January 16, 2010

40 Weeks + 5 Days

40 Weeks   5 Days

We’re still hanging in there. It’s been a very social time too! Everyone seems to want to catch up right now, it’s like my belly is a beacon to all immediate family

This morning Pebble’s Grandma, Aunty Julie  and cousin Sophie came to visit for a morning coffee and tasty treats. Tonight Nana Carol, Grandad David, Aunty Skye, Uncle Luke and cousin Amber are coming for dinner. Tomorrow we’re going for a play in the park with Grandad John, Nana Annette, Uncle Ryan, Aunty Carly, and cousins Ethan and Coby, and maybe some more with Aunty Skye and family smile_teeth !

I’m feeling great, and it’s good to keep busy and have my mind occupied. I’m a little sloooooooow when it comes to walking (waddling), but I may as well be up and about, hopefully forcing this little one to think about finding it’s way out soon.

I’ve even managed to prepare a pretty tasty looking meal for tonight. In the fridge ready to cook are some chicken breasts smothered in basil pesto, sprinkled with parmesan and wrapped in prosciutto.


Chilling out is some white chocolate and blueberry mousse. I tried these two super easy recipes from my new Donna Hay book and recent birthday gift ‘The Instant Cook’. They each only had a few ingredients, took about 15 minutes to do, and accommodate a pregnant lady’s requirements (no uncooked egg whites!).


I really wish I was grunting in pain right now, but I guess chocolate mousse will be a good substitute. I hope y’all are having a lovely evening.


  1. What a gorgeous belly! Hopefully this is the last pregnancy photo you'll hbe taking and the next one will be of your beautiful baby!!

    *hugs* You seem to be coping better than I did, my only overdue babe came at 40+5 and there was no way I would have done any kind of cooking!

  2. aargh! I was just wondering about how you were going! good luck. hope pebble comes soon.

  3. Lady you can do all the grunting you want TOMORROW. Today should be all about the moose and chicken which look fabulous! And sleep, for the love of sweet baby cheeses get some sleep cause you are going to need it! Good luck tomorrow :)


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