Sunday, January 10, 2010

Staying cool

Mr RG and I have had our first real down time today. We have spent all day inside, as the second day above 40 degrees set in. I have busied myself by making spreadsheet for our home which includes jobs to do (fix the leaky laundry sink) and a wishlist (new curtains). I also went through both Gmail and my phone and checked all my contacts, then made ‘baby news’ groups ready to send to. All I need now is some news!

I’ve also sorted out our home contents insurance, which needed updating, emailed payroll to double check my leave has all been approved (bit late for that, probably), and checked my mobile phone and internet plans to see if we’re getting all that we can for our money.

Last night I stayed up late playing with the blog layout. I have new wallpaper, wiped out a lot of clutter in the widgets toolbar and categories, and at the moment I have no header. I can’t decide on what kind of header to have, so that will give me something else to do.

I tried for ages to get my blogger template to change to a three column wonder, but failed using three different internet tutorials. If anyone knows how to do this successfully please let me know! I’d like to investigate wordpress, but tried once before and ended up in a world of pain.

How nice it is to have time to even think about all these things!

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