Monday, February 15, 2010

Pebble – 1 month

My baby (OMG y’all, I have a baby!) is four weeks old already. Paul, Pebble and I are all very much still adjusting to life with our little “Pebble” in the outside world. Turns out that babies are a lot of hard work. Who knew?
Pebble is already letting us know who she is, and here are a few of her favourite things:
  • boobs – she eats a lot. Every two hours lately, sometimes more! Meanwhile, I’ve learned to do a lot with one hand, including writing this blog and ordering groceries online. P1100589a
  • cuddles – who doesn’t, right? In the past week Pebble has shown that she likes cuddles SO much that she won’t sleep during the day unless held or in the sling. Awesome. P1100630a
  • eating sleeping and shitting at the same time. I really hope she grows out of this one.
  • stretching – watch.
  • chewing her fist. I wrap Pebble for sleeping and cuddles, but no matter what she ALWAYS manages to get her right arm out and sucks on her fist. The sound of her lip smacking sucks are what wakes me up to let me know it’s boob time. I’m still amazed that this sound is all it takes to wake me. Talk about mummy radar!P1100642
  • the mobile above her change table. In the last week she has really started having long interested looks at this.
  • baths – just don’t try to get her OUT of the bath. I’m sure the neighbours think I’m killing her. P1100565


  1. That stretch is gorgeous. Congratulations - she is absolutely brilliant.

  2. OMG - I usually can't see these things, but to me Charlotte looks so much like you when you were little! She's so fricken cute!


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