Monday, March 22, 2010

I have hope

So, yesterday the car become the not-so-fun-place-to-be again. I didn’t expect the whole car thing to be all fixed overnight, but I didn’t expect it to go completely back to SOB-SCREAM-CHOKE. Oh well, small steps. At least I know that we can have a successful drive – there is hope!
Pebble and I had a quiet day in today, following a VERY busy week and weekend. I pushed the pram around the neighbourhood for half an hour, enjoying the nearly-autumny weather, got three loads of washing done, and ironed all of Paul’s work shirts. Quiet domesticity :)
The light and the gum trees reminded me of this weeks blogthis challenge – a room with a view. I’m certainly no photographer, but here’s a couple of snapshot of one of my favourite views.
From our bed we can see our front garden and the trees standing tall and proud. Occasionally we see a koala in the gum trees, hear a kookaburra laughing and, more often, the squawk of galahs.
The wardrobe mirrors reflect the view so that it feels like we’re surrounded by nature (hmmm, I really must plant in front of the fence).
I love cuddling in bed on lazy Sunday mornings, especially in winter, with the wind howling, and the rain drizzling across the grey sky. Fingers crossed that I’ll get a few cuddles this winter – even if they are with two people instead of just one :)


  1. How cool, to get the reflection of all those trees!

  2. The mirrored doors must be nice to have - like you said, feeling as though you're completely surrounded.
    And good luck with Charlotte and the car - it has to get better at some point. Maybe you should try getting a V8 because Flynn loves going in daddys big, loud, car...


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