Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lest we forget

No Dawn Service for us this morning, I didn’t want to interrupt the moment with a screaming kid, and thought a bit unnecessary to drag the poor sick mite out of her bed at that hour. Instead I paid tribute by baking these ANZAC biscuits. They turned out more like balls because I didn’t read the ‘flatten’ part. I kinda like em this way!


UPDATE: I think the recipe has too much bi-carb. It called for 1 Tablespoon, but these ended up with an almost fizzy texture and weird after taste. Other recipes I’ve since looked at use 1 tsp or 1/2 tsp instead of 1 Tbspn.


  1. mmm, maybe if I'd left mine in balls, maybe they'd still be a bit undercooked in the middle? YUM!

  2. Hi Kylie! I'm so sorry for the typo in my recipe... I think you're right about the teaspoon and I've since amended my recipe and replied to your comment to let everyone know I made a mistake. Thanks so much for letting me know! Cheers, Christie

    ps. I promise my other recipes work! ;)


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