Monday, April 12, 2010

Let’s wrap it up

An update on my saga with wrapping little Pebble   - I’ve met her halfway with a loose wrap. Now she is wriggling and grunting much less, and often gets her hands free by morning, but doesn’t wake herself up with flailing limbs. It’s working for now, and that’s the real trick with this baby business. Everything is ‘for now’. And we just go with the flow.
Thanks so much for your comments on your experiences with wrapping, I love to hear your stories.
Meanwhile – look how she’s grown!
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  1. can i just say - CUTEST outfit.

    wrapping bubbas is great! i remember i would have bubbas that liked one arm out. to be wrapped tight. to have their legs kickable. hehe. the list goes on.

    glad you two found your wrap xx

  2. Holy Smokes! She's getting so big! I LOVE that smile! Making me melt and I've not even seen the little chicken in real life!

    Love that top too...xo

  3. I would so wear that t-shirt! Meanwhile, good work with the wrapping compromise - you've found something that works for your bubba, and as long as it keeps working, stick with it!

  4. I just love this age in babies. She is so incredibly sweet and cute.


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