Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My place and yours

This week the theme is ‘What do you see when you walk through your front door?’.

I love the entry way to our home, but have been planning on revamping it ever since we moved in. It always gets moved to the bottom of the list though.

This painting is the one and only thing that I’ve added in three years. It’s by an Arrernte artist, which is the Aboriginal group that my Dad’s family belongs to. I bought it from her when I visited Alice Springs in 2004 . I like that as soon as you walk into our home you see something about who I am.


If you go to the left when you walk in, you end up in the kitchen,


and if you go to the right, you end up in the lounge.


What’s behind your front door? Play My Place and Yours.


  1. I agree with you about seeing something about being who you makes you feel centred. xxNick

  2. That artwork is stunning. I work with an indigenous girl and she explains dot painting to me - it's just amazing what goes into one piece...

  3. Loving those floorboards: they add a glow to a home.....

  4. We have family piccies at our entrance, and I love it for the same reason... shows visitors who we are.

  5. your artwork is wonderful ... and it would make me really happy to see it each evening too.

    My Place


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