Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Place and Yours

This week we’re sharing our key rings.  I usually have my school keys and a whistle for PE lessons, but right now it’s just the cars and house key. I like using a lanyard at school, but continued to use it since having Pebble - I have twice shut my keys in the boot and I’m paranoid about locking Pebble in the car on her own! When I’m packing the car I put the lanyard around my neck so I don’t lock them in the boot, or lose them somewhere.
If I had a dollar for every time I lost my keys (purse/watch/phone…..) ……
Do you like my bowl? I bought it at a little Moroccan shop in town. It gives me a giggle. Maybe it’s just my mind, but I didn’t notice til after I bought it that it has a sort of phallic vibe to it’s pattern…..
Play here.


  1. Sort of phalic vibe? It a bowl of chocks o' cocks! Ha!

  2. hahaha penis bowl... please tell me those are freckles then!

  3. ZOMG. I want one too! hehe.

    Happy FYBF, Kylie.


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