Tuesday, May 18, 2010

At my house

At my house this week we are getting impatient!

Today is B-Day for the next little girl in our extended family – my soon to be born niece. My sister and her husband are at the hospital now, hopefully with a delivery soon on the way.

Our whole family is very excited about the new arrival, the third girl on my side and a little sister for 2 year old Amber.

I have picked out some special hand made goodies for the new babe, and visited to find some beautiful gifts.


I always buy babes a picture book, I think it’s the teacher in me. And my sister suggested that she might need a new towel for the little one. Target helped me out with these two purchases.

From ollierose I picked up this hand made babushka softie:


From BibsForDummies I bought this cute bib and burp cloth set:


This gorgeous pair of shoes is from Nesian Kids:


I can’t wait to meet my niece and give her a big cuddle along with these cute bits and pieces.

What’s happening at your house these week. Visit Lou to see what others are up to.

p.s. I’ve bought some cute things from Lou recently too, but can’t tell you about that just yet.


  1. It's a cold wet week and we've been passing time with baking, cubby houses, dancing and play-doh. With husband away, it's a girls' week at home!

    Those presents are divine!

  2. Oh what a lovely suprise to see Nakita in your post today :). I followed through from Buttons by Lou Lou

  3. What a gorgeous selection of presents for the little girl - who has probably arrived now. It is so much fun shopping for babies and little kids isn't it? I find I buy much more of the luxuries for other people's kids. Lovely.

    Thanks for joining in this week. Lou.


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