Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pebble – 4 months

Pebble, you’re four months old and such a clever, enchanting little thing.
You flirt with anyone who takes a moment to look your way, with a cute little smile and a poke of the tongue.
You’re FINALLY starting to get used to riding in the car and *knock on wood* have even fallen asleep in the car a few times.
Your latest trick is to grab anything and everything and pull it very hard. Mummy’s hair included.
You quite like laying on your tummy in the big bath, and trying to swim away.
So far we’ve only heard one giggle from you, but it was the most delightful sound in the world. We can’t wait to hear more.


  1. Aww those photos are too cute! And i sympathise with the hair pulling thing - Flynn has found my ponytail too!

  2. Oh she's so beautiful! Happy 4 month birthday Charlotte!

  3. what a cutie!

    Just a thought, if she is having trouble riding in the car, have you considered a chiropractor? A friend of mine has a 4 month old who would SCREAM everytime she was in the car. Took her to a chiro and she is a changed baby, will now fall asleep, doesnt scream and is generally much better with things like reflux and pooing. Apparently she was all out of alignment and being in the car was painful for her.

    anyhoo, just thought I would let you know. feel free to tell me to get stuffed!! I came here via fatmumslim, and love your blog.


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