Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kick up your heels

Last night I wore a pair of heels in the first time since….. I can’t remember!
The three of us went out for dinner for our friend Matt’s birthday. Another first – taking Pebble out to a restaurant with us in the evening.
We maybe could have got a baby sitter, but this weekend is busy for everyone. Paul’s mum is already baby sitting our three nieces while Aunty Julie and Uncle Mike are away. Uncle Darren is away. And my parents are both eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new little one, as my sister prepares to give birth to her second baby girl. They’ll probably tell me off for not asking them to baby sit :)
In any case, it was a good opportunity to try out the whole ‘take the kid out at night’ thing. We had a private room in the restaurant, and our friends are very understanding  of kids and such.
If only someone was there to film the hoo-ha of Paul and I getting ready for Operation Dining Out. We were BOTH ready an hour early (Paul is notoriously late). We sat twiddling our thumbs and debating various scenarios that the night may bring. Then getting the car ready was a James Bond-esque stunt of stealthily packing bags, loading the car, then stealing into the babes room to swipe her from her sleep.
A frantic buckle and tuck later, and Pebble was whisked off into the black night. She made a few squeaks and grizzles, and after two or three minutes was back in her slumber.
Once we arrived at the restaurant Pebble woke up and said hello to everyone before having a little grizzle and going back to sleep (with some earnest jiggling from me, whilst I plugged her mouth with a dummy, and mine with Nepalese entrees).
The journey home was much the same as the one out. Uneventful.
I had envisaged taking photos of dinner and writing a little restaurant review. Ha! It was good fun though. Maybe next time we’ll even join everyone for cake afterwards instead of rushing our bundle back home.
We did it. And we can do it again.


  1. Good for you, sounds like it was a breeze. Are they your shoes? Loving them too.

  2. Great to hear you are feeling better. Gorgeous shoes! After 2 pregnancies in quick succession, I am not sure how my feet are ever going to make the transition back into heels again! It has been too long! :)

  3. Cute shoes - and well done on getting Charlotte out and about. I've taken Flynn out with for lunch ( with mothers group ) but we havent tried a venture out for dinner yet...

  4. Kakka, yep they're my shoes. I lurrrve them. I bought them for my 30th birthday last year.... whooops... the year before!!!! My goodness how time flies.


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