Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mexican Fiesta

On to some more happy things… I did say that I’d tell you about my LOVELY dinner party on Saturday night, didn’t I?

The theme was Mexican, and the occasion was Kelly’s birthday. My friends were very kind and all came for a (long) drive to our house, and even brought a course each for the fiesta.

Kelly brought the kick-arse dips and nachos. The bean dip was so good that I nearly forgot to take a photo of it! Mmmm melty cheesey, beany dip.


Cassie brought the empanadas – pastries filled with spinach, bacon, onion and YUM. The pastry was so good – it was made with cream cheese and had a buttery, melt-in-the mouth texture. Sooo good!


I made the main –  a Mexican chicken casserole with corn bread, and a very tasty sangria. I’ll definitely be trying these recipes again. The corn bread left a little to be desired though, so I’ll be skipping that.



Teresa made the banana, lime and pineapple cheesecake which was delicous. It was even more delicious the next day mmmmmmmmmm. And, um. Even more delicious today. Three days of cheesecake. I’m in heaven!


It was all washed down with a bottle of Kelly and Bretty’s wedding Moet, if you don’t mind.


Hip, hip hooray! Happy birthday Kel x


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