Thursday, June 24, 2010


I did a little research and found that carrots are recommended as a first puree for babies. I thought that real food (not bland cereal) might be more tasty for Pebble, so I blitzed up a steamed carrot for her to try.

To me, the consistency seemed too chunky.
I tried again, this time steaming the carrots for carrots for even longer. Pebble is clearly interested in eating, she watches the spoon and opens wide, but she spits out (or gags on!) the food. This time she did a massive, red-faced gag and projectile vomited all over her high chair (first high chair spew – huzzah!).
Slowly, slowly. No rush. And no more carrots. For now.


  1. wow! Solids already! it's like she was just born!!!

  2. Try apple - its sweeter and if you stew them and add a tablespoon or so of the water you stewed them you end up with a really smooth puree. Same with pears - both of these were recommended to me by our paedatrician.
    I've had Flynn on apple and avocado this week - he loves it!


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