Thursday, June 17, 2010

Eating my words

So, do you remember waaaaay back when I was all judgey-Mc-Judge about baby walkers, and how bad they are, and how I wasn’t going to use the one that a friend kindly loaned us?
eating my words
How can you deny her?
Pebble loves this thing, and to be honest, so do I. It keeps her happily occupied for 10 or 15 mins while I prep dinner or wash the dishes.
I have thought a lot about the safety of the walker, and so far I can say that there is definitely no risk of her going either down stairs or ramps, or toppling over in the walker. This is because there are no stairs or ramps that she can get to from the kitchen or dining area where we use it (or anywhere else in the house). The greatest risk is being able to reach things that she couldn’t reach without being in the walker. I had a mobile phone cable plugged underneath the kitchen bench, and she grabbed hold of it. That hazard removed there is nothing else that she can get her hands on.
The other concern, for me, was developmental. I didn’t want Pebble’s growth or muscle development to be delayed or changed by the use of a walker. Pebble manages this herself - being a four month old who isn’t happy doing one thing for more than ten minutes at a time, she shrieks when she’s had enough and we move on to something else.
So, I eat my words and say that, in these circumstances, I am a baby walker convert.
Thanks for your feedback on this issue, I really appreciated seeing the different opinions and experiences. Another reason why I love blogging!


  1. Yay - go Charlotte! Those are the same reasons we have a walker ( which was also loaned to us ). As long as its not doing Flynny any harm, i see no problem with it!

  2. And so comes the beginning of the end where you give in to your child's every want just to make them happy! A dangerous but well worn path!!!


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