Saturday, July 31, 2010

Girl’s Night In

Last night Pebble and I had a girl’s night in. Paul was off helping my sister and her family move from one teeny weeny country town to a much larger (and much further away) country town. I’m sad to see them move further away, but I know that they’re doing what is right for their family. Not to mention all the fun family holidays we can plan that can create memories for the little girl cousins in the future!
So, I had BIG plans for our evening. Pebble went to bed at 7pm, I had a yummy curried sweet potato soup for dinner, followed by a gold magnum for dessert (naughty!). I blogged and watched Jamie's New Food Revolution. Then I went to bed, stretching out across the whole bed, at 8.30pm.
It could have been a little bit more heavenly if I hadn’t been woken at 12pm and 2am, but at least I got to sleep in until 6.30am. Yes, that counts as a sleep in around these parts.
Some might think it sad that this was a fabulous night for me, but I’m happy with my lot. More than happy.
I hope you’re having a heavenly start to your weekend too.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed your "Girls Night in"!

    Even when I have the bed to myself, I still sleep on my own side! lol!


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