Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Have you ever seen anything so amazing? Well, you probably have, but I haven’t
On the weekend, while staying at my Mum’s, I was busy on the computer scanning lots of old family photos. Pebble was busy playing with nana.
My mum called out “so, she’s sitting up now?”.
I called back, “er, no, she will for a sec, but falls right over”, and went back to my scanning.
A minute or so passed. Mum called out, “well, she’s sitting now”.
I continued to click buttons and keys, and replied, “yeah, she can’t do it for long”. I know my own kid, geez.
A minute or so passed.
“She’s STILL sitting”, says Mum. She always knows best, damn it.
I go into the lounge room to take a look, and sure enough, there Pebble sat. My six month old little cherub, sitting up and playing with her toys. And she hasn’t stopped doing it since.
As a wise friend told me, clearly she’s gifted.


  1. Beautiful! And very amazing xx

  2. Yay Charlotte! Its funny how they sit all wobbly for weeks and then just one day bam! they're all balanced out and sitting properly.
    Flynn sat early but its been 2 months of awesome sitting and we're still working on crawling... maybe tomorrow it'll be bam! moving baby?

  3. It's so amazing when they master the whole sitting and playing thing, they are so much happier...well until they begin working on the next won't be long and she will be mobile :). Very cute pic

  4. PS - don't you love how STRAIGHT baby's sit.

  5. clever girl!! and what a proud mama!


  6. squeeeaaaalllll!!! How exciting! Clever Charlotte xx

  7. She's so cute Kylie. Look at her sit like she's been doing it all her life. :) Things change so quickly from here to 1, enjoy every minute! xoxoxo


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