Monday, August 2, 2010

Blurry weekend

Pebble’s first game of chasey
This weekend went by in a blur. For me a warm and fuzzy blur of family and fun. For Paul (+ Dad, Wicked Step Mum, Sis + her family) a blur of scenery whizzing by the car window and back-breaking packing-moving-unpacking. I’m thinking a lot of my sis, her hubby and two little babes, who are today making themselves comfy in their new home. I don’t think I tell her this often enough, because such things spoken out loud are too mushy for my family, but I think she’s pretty damn amazing. I will spare you the detail of her amazingness, only because (unlike me) she might not want the internet knowing all about her life. So just know that she is.
While half the family were busy moving I had it pretty sweet. Pebble and I stayed with my mum and Step-Dad for a couple of days. We went shopping and talked while we looked through old photos. We visited my brother and his family, and Pebble played with her cousins (ie. delighted in new found mobility by chasing a perplexed Coby around the lounge room). I had dinner with a good friend while Pebble stayed with Nana then we had a lazy Sunday morning doing not much of anything before I collected a grubby hubby from my Dad’s.
Today it’s back to Monday, and I have a loooooooong to do list, which is weighing me down. So I better get to it. Happy Monday to you, I hope you have a good start to the week (especially those of you having birthdays. You know who you are…).


  1. We had one of those last weekend! Happy Monday to you too - i'm hoping i can make it through in one piece: Flynn had a shocking night last night so i'm thinking threethirtyitis is going to hit me hard...

  2. Hi Amy, hope you made it through the day and get a better nights sleep tonight.


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