Monday, August 23, 2010

Point and Shoot

This pic was snapped as we were hustling to and fro on our busy weekend, and Pebble was struggling to keep up with us. She is finding the wood floors very difficult to negotiate, and slips and slides all over the place. This distance across the dining room must seem like a great challenge to the little mite. She’ll get there.
Yesterday we spent all day out and about doing jobs and then doing yet more jobs around the house. We picked up a new (to us) bookcase for the lounge room, which is now fully stocked and looks great. We also got a new (to us) single bed for the study/spare room, so that Grandma can crash when she babysits.
It was go-go-go all day, and by night time all I wanted to do was sleep. We watched the awesome Life doco on ABC (have you watched it? This planet is so cool), then went very early to bed. I had NO computer all day. Today I’m having withdrawals, but I need to bake and clean ready for Mother’s Group/Friend visiting/Family dinner all happening tomorrow. So far I’ve made White Chocolate and Raspberry Blondies (soooo gooooooood) and a walnut and date loaf (also good, but can’t compare to the blondies. I’ve got my eye on the Lemon Ricotta Cake too, but will get some cleaning done first.
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  1. Aww It won't be long and there will be no 'escaping' from her :)It sounds like a very productive w/e.

  2. My li'l one is at that same stage - so frustrating for them sometimes. All your baking sounds so yummy!

  3. What a cutie your Charlotte is! All that baking sounds wonderful, I bet the smells coming from your house this weekend would be making all the neighbours hungry,

  4. what a Gorgeous Little Girl you have, it sounds like you have had an extremely busy weekend!

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