Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rain, rain, lovely rain

seven months
It’s been raining buckets here and we’ve been confined to our house all week. Lucky for us we had lots of visitors planned to come to us, so we’ve enjoyed staying warm and dry while also having some fun with friends. Pebble has been getting about all over the house, and found this new little place to stop and look at the world. She sat there, singing to herself and pressing her forehead to the window for quite a while, just looking at the birds, the rain, the trees in the wind. When do we forget to just stop and enjoy the world? It seems that we’re born with the ability to enjoy every moment, but as adults we’re always rushing through life without taking in the little details. 
When did you last stop and take time to enjoy life’s little moments? Take some time out to do it today. Go on, you deserve it :)

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  1. Isn't that the truth? Since having my baby I feel as though I have slowed down and am enjoying every moment of every day instead of rushing through the days like I did when I was working (hoping the weekend would arrive sooner if I wished the time away!)

    My little one just turned 2 months old and when we go on walks, she gazes up from the pram and a look of wonder comes over her face every time we walk under a tree that overhangs the footpath. She loves looking at the leaves! And that makes me appreciate the leaves, too! :o)


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