Sunday, September 12, 2010

‘Allo Vera!


Right now my best friends are aloe vera tissues, vicks vapour rub and fresh lemon, ginger and honey tea. This weekend is disappearing under a pile of snotty tissues, and I think the highlight may just be purchasing a new vaccuum, which I’m hoping to do later today. There’s a half price sale and my vacuum bit the dust (ha!) this week. Is it wrong to be actually, truly quite excited about a new cleaning appliance? Because I’m quite looking forward to it. We have hard floors, and we’re after a bagless wonder that suits the job. The research has been eye opening to say the least – there’s a whole world of super suckers out there and it’s a little bit baffling. I just want to get my floors clean… but remote control handles…. really?


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  1. Aloe Vera truly is an amazing plant! I'm glad to hear you used Aloe Vera tissues! I wish everyone could have one growing in their back yard. Then again, not everyone lives in Florida - sorry. I would only recommend the Barbadensis-Miller-Stockton Specie of Aloe Vera. It is an heirloom variety that has some of the highest medicinal properties. Did you know that you can drink Aloe? I have found that mixing it in yogurt makes it much more palatable. Or you could "be a man" and just chug it and then chase it with a piece of fruit. Either way- you will see and feel the difference in your body. Happy Aloe Eating!


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