Tuesday, September 21, 2010

At My House - Chocolate Heaven

It’s a new day and another adventure for Pebble and I. Today we’re heading to mum’s and bubs group with a batch of freshly baked brownies. It’s a special celebration today, as one of the Mum’s is getting married soon. We’re having a little kitchen tea in her honour. After that we’re zipping to the child health nurse for a check up and chat about feeding and sleeping (that’s a WHOLE other story!) and then to my Dad’s for a big catch up with family including my sister visiting from four hours away.
Somewhere in there I’m going to bring in the washing (which I forgot about yesterday and has since been rained on – boo hoo!), sterilise some bottles, pack the nappy bag, feed and dress Pebble, do the dishes, put a slow cooker on for tomorrow…. um…. guess I better get off of this machine and get cracking!
What’s happening at your house?


  1. YUM! Those brownies look amazing !!!
    and your blog is beautiful.....

  2. Oh wow, I love brownies and those look incredible!

  3. Those brownies do look absolutely delicious! I hope you had a lovely day out and I hope it went ok with the nurse. All stages will pass.... I'm sure you are doing great. Lou.


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