Thursday, September 2, 2010

First world problems

I'm sitting at the hairdressers trying to keep up my nerve. I'm going for the chop. It's just hair, right? You only live once (god, how dramatic to say that in reference to hair!). I've got this pic of Salma to show the stylist. Hopefully she doesn't laugh at me. I'll share the results - be what they may - when my mane is in pieces on the floor...


  1. Salma's hair is so stylish and lovely. You'll be fine. Good on you for being brave. x

  2. COME ON! Don't make me show you my photos....

    You will be fine! Hope it all worked out. Just remember, one good thing about hair is that it grows.

  3. I just got a big-ish cut today too! I'm doing a zooey deschanel style fringe...

    Good luck with it!


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