Thursday, September 9, 2010



I’m sure it’s not the first time I’ve written a Meh post. But I’m too Meh to actually check. I’m having one of those weeks. I have zero motivation to do anything. I am fighting off an annoying cold. You know, the kind that makes you just sick enough to feel crap, but not crap enough to actually chuck it all in and spend the day in bed (if you could). I’m continuing on with the endless rotation dishes-laundry-toys-ironing-bottles-dinner. Those menial tasks that seem to fill my life and never, ever end.

So, I’m in a bit of a funk. I haven’t even felt like blogging and that’s saying something. And what do I do when I’m in one of these moods? I get into one of Paul’s oldest t-shirts and blast depressing music [The Smiths-Gene-Missy Higgins-insert your preference here] while feeling sorry for myself. It’s while doing this that I realise just how pathetic I must look, with my daggy (or is it cool now?) ripped jeans and straggly hair, with my needing-a-bath baby crawling around my ankles.

I was trying to track back to what made me feel like this, and I guess it’s a bunch of things… but the first that came to mind was this: Christmas decorations in shops = nearly the end of the year = goodbye stay at home mummy life. Wow, that’s like, totally random! [sorry, too many Summer Heights High re-runs for me].

SO, instead of wallowing in my own misery, I should get off my arse and enjoy this life while I have it. Right? Well, maybe after one more song….

So, what’s your wallowing-in-self-pity play list?



  1. Depending on whether i'm mostly sad, or mostly angry, my play list may include the following: Linkin Park, Missy Higgins, Damien Rice, My Chemical Romance, Ryan Adams, Lucinda Williams... and a few i cant really think of right now.

  2. oh, I know that feeling. I've been in a funk today too. I should be happy - my babies are 1 today. And I am - a huge milestone. But a loaded one too. Not babies anymore. Really need to think about earning proper money. Don't need me as much. Way happier when they see Nana. All that stuff.
    My playlist is regina spektor. Don't know why. It cheers my up and depresses me at the same time :)
    Hope you feel better tomorrow. Everyone's allowed a day like that. xx

  3. I think you need to trade in your gloomy playlist for a playlist of upbeat songs - you know those songs that just have a way of making you feel good whenever you listen to them... a couple of mine are i'm in the mood for dancing by the Nolans (of all people, dreams by van halen and nothings gonna stop us now by starship. love love love those songs...and they always put me in a better mood. cheer up sunshine, you have a wonderful family and life and although the cold makes you feel like shight, i'm sure Charlotte can still manage to make you smile throughout the day!!!!

    hugs and kisses


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