Tuesday, September 14, 2010


September 2010   

I’m guest blogging over at Hello Owl today, and I’m talking about a sensitive issue for mums. Head on over for a read.



  1. Great post Kylie - i think i've mentioned it before but the only way i've been able to breastfeed Flynn was with the aid of a nipple shield. It hasnt been as hard for us as it has been for you, but i still kind of felt like a bit of a freak because we couldnt breastfeed completely naturally ( and like you, felt like a dairy cow for all that time spent with a bubba on the boob! )
    We've weaned aswell because my return to work is close now, but i still enjoy being able to stroke his skin or kiss his little forehead while he sit on my lap having his bottle...

  2. Shhhh... great post! I've posted about the booby debate myself, so my thoughts are aaaaaall there as usual!! x

  3. I reckon you can pat yourself on the back and say, you did it! I know it hasn't been easy for you and you are so right, breastfeeding is natural but its not a natural thing to just pick up and do and every baby is different and has to learn. You know my experiences and my difficulties but i'd do it all over again. And i hope hope hope that i can breastfeed with this new bubba on the way as its one of the most precious feelings you can get between you and your baby. Good Job Kylie - you've done well and you need not feel guilty as Charlotte is blossoming. That is evident!



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