Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Sun

Today we’ve had one of those Sunday’s that you wish you could have more often. Well, perhaps we could have done with sleeping in past 6.15am, but after that it was perfect. First of all, Pebble had a two hour nap! …pause to revel in that awesomeness….I got a few small jobs done around the house, but nothing too stressful, just the kind of jobs that make you feel better for doing them. Then we trundled off to enjoy a glass of wine or two, a divinely scrumptious meal and good company at Woodstock Winery, where we hosted our wedding reception. They had sent us a $50 voucher to spend and it was just the thing to encourage us out of the house and indulge for an afternoon. And the FOOD! Oh, it was really too good. I kept taking bite after bite and saying, “I want to know how to make this!”. Perhaps even better than the food itself, Pebble fell asleep right on time for lunch!
The restaurant was buzzing, there were quite a few big tables of people celebrating, and lots of babies and children adding to the lively atmosphere. Instead of feeling frantic, the three piece jazz band played light and sparkling music which relaxed our shoulders, and our minds. Our friendly waitress kindly offered to take our order quickly, so that could get in ahead of a large group that had just arrived. Our meals arrived promptly, and the oohing and aaaahing began. Paul and his Mum, Kath, ordered the juicy, minty lamb cutlets, served with potato, feta, pea and mint salad. The jus was absolutely lick-able.
I ordered the market fish special, a crispy skinned lemon and butter king fish with a meltingly soft potato gratin, asparagus and a creamy capsicum sauce. The flavours exploded in my mouth, this was just so, so tasty. I wish I could cook this well. I think the local, seasonal and fresh produce made this dish, and of course the excellent technique of the chefs. Practice makes perfect, I’ll have to give it a go at home.
We all shared a generous serve of butternut pumpkin with caramelised onions, blue cheese and pine nuts. The soft, creamy flesh of the butternut paired perfectly with the sweet and rich caramelised onions and just a hint of blue cheese. The crunch of the pinenuts was the icing on the cake, so to speak.
But we couldn’t stop there. Could we? Really? Not when the food had been SO good. We just had to try the desserts, of course we did! Usually we share a dessert, but the offerings looked so delectable that we had one each. Kath had the dark chocolate mousse cylinder, with layers of dark and white chocolate mousse, mandarin foam and mandarin and ginger syryp. It was rich and decadent, and she needed a bit of Paul’s help to finish it off!
Paul had the pithivier (tart, I believe) of local apple and cherries, with local almonds and baileys ice cream. Paul raved about the almonds – you just don’t realise how good something should be until you taste it fresh and well grown.
I’m a sucker for cheesecake and chose the mini baked goats cheese cake with sable pastry, balsamic strawberries, roasted rhubarb, crystallised rose petals (lovely) and balsamic ice cream. Oh MY, this was good! A little bit of yum, with a side of scrummy and topped with delish! It was rich, creamy, fruity, juicy and zingy. Y. U. M.
Topped off with smooth coffee we were well and truly full. We rolled on out of there with mumblings of not having any dinner tonight (but really, those of you who know me know that I never skip a meal). I think one of my favourite parts of the day, though, was using the toilet. Yes, that’s right. Strangely, that’s where I got the strongest memories from my wedding. The reminder of lifting up the train and voluminous skirt, and having a rare moment to myself that day to reflect on the pure and simple happiness that was our wedding day. I loved our wedding. It was the happiest day of my life. If only it took something a little more romantic than a commode to remind me of it.
If you’re in SA get yourself into Woodstock winery. You won’t regret it! (no Woodstock are not paying me to write this. I just love that place!).


  1. Perfect Sunday! I would love a Sunday like this. You're right that they should happen more often. I'm glad you had such a good time. I had a chuckle over your fond wedding memory. Luckily for me one of my friends gave me the best advice prior to our day. She said "every hour take five minutes just for yourselves to quietly look at each other and soak it all in." We followed her advice and the day is clear and cemented for both of us in all its perfection. x

  2. Oh wow! And the food........ drooling lol. Will keep that name in mind if we ever go to SA :-)


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