Monday, July 18, 2011


Well, what a weekend that turned out to be! Pebble and I went to stay at my mum’s while Paul went to my sister’s farm to help kill the rabbits play with bunnies. I had a lovely warm wintery meal with Mum, step-dad and Pebble. Pebble ate a whole tree of broccoli, but still screwed her face up at mash (is she really my daughter? Really?). Then I got pretty and went off to my friend’s book launch leaving mum to put Pebble to bed. YES, I am friends with a published author!


The very clever Cassandra Dean published Enslaved with Decadent Publishing and I tell you, I! Hot Roman Gladiators, strong female leads, real emotion and depth of character, longing, lust, love, it’s all there. I have never been into ‘historical romance’ as this book may be categorised, and I have never read or watched any book or television about Roman Gladiators. Within the first page I was hooked, and I haven’t been able to stop reading it since. Well, aside from the whole mummy-play-with-me-I’ll-tear-your-Kobo-away-from-you-if-it’s-the-last-think-I-do moments. Which is the only reason I haven’t finished it yet. That, and my desire to communicate the world how amazingly talented my friend is by writing it on this here blog. SO, if this sounds like something that would take your fancy then pop on over to Decadent Publishing and pick up a copy of this ebook, you won’t regret it.

Back to the book launch – drinks were supped, book swag was distributed and we celebrated the wonder of our (soon to be multi-published) author friend. I was a little on edge worried about Pebble back at Nana’s house, as it’s not often that she visits on her own there, and she still gets quite upset if she wakes to someone other than me. I made it home before her usual early hours request to move into the big bed, and all was well. If you call sleeping with a tossy-turny-toddler and having feet in your face ‘well’.

In the morning we visited another Nana, mum Step-Mum Nana ‘Nette, where we had lots of singing, dancing and book reading. We were soon joined by Aunty Carly and one of Pebble’s little cousin’s, who is only four months older than Pebble. We set up some collage for them, but they really weren’t that interested. Pebble was in a strange mood, and didn’t want to play anywhere near her cousin! Sure enough sleep time arrived before I knew it and it was time to go. Unfortunately that meant a half hour sleep of a 60 minute car ride, and consequently a very tired and clumsy toddler in the afternoon…. which leads me to the BUMP.

I had just changed Pebble’s nappy and we were both heading down the hall towards the kitchen, ready to get an afternoon snack. Pebble was very excited about the mere mention of milk! and fruit! that she toddled as fast as her little legs would carry her. Which is quite fast. Fast enough so that if she was to fall over and crack her head on the door frame it would make blood flow freely and leave a gaping wound. Which is exactly what happened.

2011-07-17 16.13.40

I was only a step behind her, and down on the floor with her in my arms in seconds. I screamed out to Paul, who was in the shower, and he was there, dripping wet and nude as the day he was born, in no time. After about three seconds of sheer panic I felt myself become very calm and methodological. Head injury, open wound. First aid. Bandage. Cold compress. Get them. Unfortunately all I told Paul was “get a nappy!”. He returned, still wet and nude, with a disposable nappy and, thank goodness, the cloth nappy I had intended to ask for.

Pebble was screaming and hiccoughing, fat tears rolling down her cheeks. I pressed the towel to her head, then scrambled for the first aid bag I’d only received a few weeks ago when I did my training. I pulled out a looooong bandage and wrapped it securely around her head, with a very unmedical looking tie at the back, so that she looked like one of the lost boys. Or so the nurse told me when we arrived at the emergency department (Paul got dressed for this part).

The doctors and nurses were amazing. So calm, so caring, and so quick. Pebble was so brave! She sat very still for the doctor and didn’t cry at all. We iced Pebble’s head for about an hour before they were able to glue her back together again. It looks like there is some hope in the world for some Humpty Dumpty moments.

2011-07-17 17.17.06-1

I had Pebble sleep with me last night, if only so that I could prod her every now and again to make sure she was still conscious (actually what is the difference between consciousness and sleep? hmmm) and ensure that she didn’t rub her face and forehead into the mattress, as she often likes to do.

That’s that then. Our first emergency room visit, and thankfully it wasn’t so bad. It could have been a lot worse. I don’t even want to think about that!



  1. Flynn and I have been to the ER a couple of times ( with severe croup attacks ) and it sounds like you did very well! Funnily enough, i did something very similar to Pebble when i was a toddler, only my gash was right in the middle of my forhead, right at the hairline... and i have a tiny scar there to this very day! Dont worry Pebble, happens to the best of us :)

  2. Aw, thanks Kylie! I'm so glad you're enjoying ENSLAVED - it was such a labour of love and now, finally, real live people are getting to enjoy it too!
    And poor Pebble :( My sister fell on my parents' terranium when she was about five and ending up getting stitches in her head, pretty much in the same area as Pebble! Maybe it's a fluffy blonde hair thing (my sister had fluffy blonde hair at that stage too!)?


    Poor little thing, I hope she is on the mend soon.


  4. Oh Kylie, while this is quite a sad story, you had my in stitches! I can just imagine this happening in my own house, and the shock of it makes my giggle!

    Hope Pebble is recovering well, and that Paul got to eventually finish his shower!!


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