Friday, September 16, 2011

You can be an Every Day Hero

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Shameless self promotion, that’s what this is about. And the children. Won’t somebody PLEASE, think of the children?!

My sis and are are killing ourselves in the City 2 Bay this weekend. Neither of us is known for our elite fitness ability. But….we’re giving it a go. Why? To raise money for this awesome charity.novita-logo-large

Novita provides much needed support, therapy and equipment to children living with disabilities. I have been very lucky to work with Novita in my “past life” coordinating respite care for families of children living with special needs. I have also seen how much support Novita can give to families of children living with disabilities through a friend and her journey with her gorgeous son.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself feeling all warm and fuzzy by popping on over to the Everyday Hero website and support us in the City 2 Bay. All money raised goes directly to Novita and their work with these amazing kids and their families.

Thank you SO much.


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  1. Good luck in the run, Kylie! Brilliant that you are doing such a fine thing together. Have fun. x


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